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Willingdon Primary School

Ofsted & School Performance

Ofsted June 2024

What is it like to attend this school?

'Pupils are proud of their school and of the work they produce. They know that their own contributions to the school community are valued. They also know that their school has improved in many ways over the last two years. Pupils in key stage 2 talk keenly about how teachers expect much more than they did in the past, while trying to make learning enjoyable at the same time.

This is an inclusive school. Pupils are welcoming to newcomers. Those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) do well because staff and pupils alike are considerate of their needs. Pupils who are registered at the school’s specially resourced provision for pupils with SEND (specially resourced provision), spend most of their school day in classrooms alongside their peers. Aspirations are equally high for all pupils, no matter what their barriers to learning are.

Pupils behave very well here because expectations are high, and the curriculum engages them well. Instances of poor behaviour have reduced significantly. Pupils themselves disapprove of any distractions to their learning. Meanness is frowned on. Classroom visits across the school showed inspectors that pupils now spend a lot of time working together productively, though achieving well as individuals. .'

Full Report

Please take the time to read the full report below:

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Ofsted Parent View

Ofsted's Parent View allows parents and carers to express their views anonymously about this school at any time of the school year. Parent View has replaced the paper questionnaires that inspectors used to circulate at the time of a school inspection to gather parents’ views. Please remember that we encourage each parent in a family to submit their views.

At the time of an inspection, you can refresh or resubmit your views and the facility will overwrite your previous response so that only one ‘view’ for each parent, per school, is held.

Inspectors will consider parents’ views alongside other evidence when making a judgement about a school. It is also useful for us because it gives valuable information about what you think of the school and helps us to improve.

To complete the short questionnaire at parentview.ofsted.gov.uk you simply need an email address and a password to register. Once your login has been activated, it only takes a few minutes to choose answers to 12 short questions about the school, such as how well we deal with bullying, the quality of teaching, whether the level of homework given to your child is appropriate, and whether you would recommend the school to other parents.

Please remember that Ofsted strongly encourage that the first point of contact regarding any complaints or issues should be with the school.

If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to use Parent View, please come into school and ask at reception.