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Willingdon Primary School

School Council

We are very proud of our school council at Willingdon Primary School.

We meet to discuss important issues within the school, and organise and run events, and are champions of our School Values. School Council Members work hard to put all our school values into action and to encourage others to do the same.

We believe that if all children work together we can be a powerful influence on our school and wider community. We try to achieve little things that will make big things happen in order to make positive changes.

School Council members are elected by their classes in Term 1 of each year. The council meets regularly to discuss issues and areas for development, and school council members take points back to their classes to discuss and get the views and opinions of all children. The council meetings are co-ordinated by Miss Brooks, and minutes are taken and distributed to each class. Each class has a special 'School Council Book' where the minutes are kept, and where School Council Members can record their ideas, and feedback from their classes.

Please see our School Council Vision below.

Our School Council says.......

Each year we find out how safe our children feel at school and we have found out how everyone enjoys school. We have also led assemblies on friendship and safety. We spend time looking at the needs of playgrounds and this helps us choose games equipment. 

We feel proud that our school supports charities throughout the year and we discuss the favourite charities from each class and vote on the charities we would like to support each year. We always try to support Local, National and International charities.

Donating to Eastbourne Foodbank

Our Harvest Festival  supported our local Foodbank and helped our community.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Brooks and Willingdon School Council 




Our School Council Anti-Bullying Policy...........

willingdon primary school child anti bullying policy.pdf